Cabbages under agribon, leeks in those rows.


Eliot here  from the Appalachian South Folklife Center in Pipestem, WV.

Got some rows planted at the center early this week right before all the rain. The beds there felt really good on our hands and I’m hoping the last warm days of rain are going to be just what those little seeds and sprouts need.

I think that the soil feels so good in part from having determined pathways in that section of the garden last year from the start so we never stepped in those rows. When we showed up this spring it was nothing to take a garden fork through and plant- It was soft and not compacted.
We planted some of each peas, leeks, onions, collards and cabbage and broccoli starts. We intend to plant a whole lot more onions when the soil dries out a bit.


In that weedy mess between the hoops and worked bed is mache, spinach and even lettuce that overwintered under an agribon cover. Really needs weeded though!

The garden at the Appalachian South Folklife Center has a teaching garden- which is what I was planting in- that we use for workshops, education, and some sales. The Folklife center hosts groups who this year will be able to purchase produce from the garden and as we did last year volunteer in it. The rest of the garden area at the center is set aside for gardeners who don’t have space in or ownership of their yard. This year we have 3 families/people who are planning to garden there.

Did some visits and tilling at a few places before we started getting the rain this week.


Limited space but we’ll make it work!


The front of the greenhouse in the back there. Strawberries bushing out in the forefront.


Garden lamb!

This little girl is very cute but boy does she cry.