This week I have been reflecting on the idea of teamwork. In my eyes, projects and activities progress so much more smoothly when the people involved prioritize teamwork and a community mindset. I have witnessed our students and staff show an incredible amount of teamwork this week.

As part of our Inch by Inch Project, we are renovating our kitchen in order to receive our commercial certification (in order to can and sell our hot sauce commercially). This week’s renovations have focused on replacing our seven kitchen countertops and one 3-compartment sink cabinet. Monday started a little rocky when our shipment didn’t include the entire order and some of what was received was incorrect. Everyone, (students and staff) had such great attitudes as several of us tried to correct the issues. Teachers stepped up and ran my classes for me, while I ran errands to talk with our supplier. The lunch crew (students and staff) adapted the week’s menu and planned for carry out lunches. And there were countless other occurrences that should not go unrecognized!

Once the order was corrected and our carpenter began to install the countertops we did have on hand, the students and staff stepped up again to make sure all the work was done. The Wood Shop Teacher and his classes worked on sanding and staining the cabinets. Our Facilities Manager greatly assisted our hired carpenter in figuring out exactly how the job would be completed. Our Principal and other academic teachers helped delegate tasks and jobs to the rest of the school community to make sure the day ran as normally and smoothly as possible. I can say with confidence that not a single person complained. People just stepped up and did what was needed. This school-wide positive attitude helped the project take a turn from chaos to productivity.

We are currently waiting for the rest of out countertops to arrive, so the project wasn’t completed this week, but I know that when they do come in the school will be ready to finish the job! Of course I am excited to see the transformation in our kitchen, but the teamwork I saw this week made the chaos and miscommunication with our supplier worth it. I have heard that you can truly judge a person’s character when you witness them react to unfortunate and stressful circumstances. I am proud to say that the character of the school as a whole is flexible, hardworking and willing! What a blessing to be a part of something so special and real.

Cabinets beforecabinets after