Hi, this Justin Brock at the Red Bird Mission Grow Appalachia. This week has been an awful wet week, but before all the rain set in most of us got to plant our potatoes. We planted four fifty foot rows. A cool tip I didn’t know about potatoes was when they bloom it is time to start digging for new potatoes.


We also planted our heirloom potato onions. The potato onion (also know as a multiplier onion) it is usually planted in the fall, but you can also plant in in early spring. After they are set out and grow all summer you dig up the left over for seed. Dry those out and set back out in the fall and sometimes you can have green onions all winter long, but for sure first person to have them in the spring.

potato onion

RBM GA 4-1 003

How I planted our was that I used a hoes and made up a hill as they call it. Smoothed it out and leveled it, so they can have good loose dirt to grow in.

We also got our cabbage and broccoli this week and handed out to our members.

RBM GA 4-1 004