GA Class

In March, the Magoffin County Grow Appalachia project participants were able to meet and begin planning for the upcoming garden season. We discussed the importance of soil sampling and the proper way to collect a soil sample from the garden plot, as well as the need for organic matter, soil amendments, and crop rotation. In addition, the participants sketched and planned their gardens—deciding when and where they would plant seeds or transplants while also talking about new vegetables or varieties they wish to add to their gardens.

Many of the participants have already had the opportunity to begin planting strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, asparagus, and candy onions–between the rains, that is! Several also attended fruit tree grafting classes and fruit tree pruning classes offered by the Extension Service to expand their agricultural knowledge even further.

We are looking forward to our April classes and getting to spend more time together as we continue on the Grow Appalachia journey! Two more families and a community garden partner have come aboard in the last week, so we are really excited to continue growing Grow Appalachia in Magoffin County!

As we patiently wait out the April showers and anticipate the May flowers, remember: when it rains, look for rainbows!