Rhonda, here, reporting from Scott County.  Now that all of the snow is gone, the ground is drying and now we have 210 days in the growing season, YIPPEE!  We are already enjoying the beautiful spring blooms.

Pansy 002 Pansy 003


Look at some of the vegetables that were growing inside the hoop house this winter.

Distribution 001 Distribution 006 Distribution 008 Distribution 010

Scott County volunteers from the program worked to get the seeds sorted. We all had a lot of fun.  As we were sorting the seeds, I thought about the gardeners in the movie “Second Hand Lions.”  These two gentlemen are approached by a traveling salesman who wants to sell them some seeds for a garden.  They buy and plant the seeds.  One day while hoeing in the garden they begin to notice that all of the plants looks the same.  They look at each labeled row and name what should be planted on that row. “This one here is tomato.” “This one her is cucumber.” “This one here is squash.”  Finally they realize that they had bought only corn seed.  The salesman had tricked them into thinking they had purchased a variety of vegetable.  “Corn, corn, corn!”  He exclaimed when he realized what had happened.  As we were sealing the seed envelopes, I chuckled a little and wondered.  I am certain that we were very careful as we labeled each seed packet.  I think? Just kidding!

Sorting Seed 018 Sorting Seed 019 Sorting Seed 020

The Scott County distribution of cool weather seeds, potatoes, and onions was held March 18, 2015 with the aid of the FFA Scott High School students and their agriculture teacher, Sam Kraun

Scott County Distribution 003 Scott County Distribution 006 Scott County Distribution 015

sam hat





Nice Hat!

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Cameron Lee, the Ag. Teacher at McCreary Central High School  recruited some of the FFA members of the High School to sort and bag the many pounds of potatoes and onions to be distributed to the McCreary County participants on March 17, 2015.  Many seeds were given that day,  including Clemson spineless okra, Bloomsdale spinach, Sugar snap peas, Siberian improve kale, Black seeded Simpson lettuce, Tender green mustard, and Purple top turnip.  Along with the seed packets, the participants were also  given Kennbec, Yukon gold, and Lasoda red potatoes, and Lots of yellow and white onion sets.  You could smell the wonderful aroma of the onions all throughout the building.  Some of the kids had to try a bite of the onions.

You could see and sense the excitement in the gardeners as they collected their seeds, potatoes, and onion sets.   They are all ready to get planting!