We started our seeds this past Thursday. Most of us are learning something new every time we attend a Grow Appalachia meeting with our community gardeners. We had 250 seed starter cells to get our plants going. We’re getting more and more excited by the day to get our garden planted and to start producing some crops, if only the weather would agree to cooperate, as many of the other sites are probably also experiencing.  We have purchased our tiller and it’s currently being serviced so that as soon as the weather dries up we can get our land tilled and add in our amendments.

Between our very own Donna and Steve we were able to plant seeds for various types of plants. We learned about starting the potting soil and then just how far down we needed to plant the seeds to be able to give them an adequate amount of space for growing. We planted at least 5 different varieties of tomato, some peppers, beefsteak, lettuce, & some cucumbers. We also planted multiple marigolds to go in between our garden plots. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 Blog 2photo 5 photo 4