Greetings, Glad Gardeners! Toni, here, helping out with the blogs, and all manner of Master Gardener assists. We are beginning anew, and recruiting our gardening families, in Morgan County, KY. Much enthusiasm is in the air, and we have a great and willing bunch of people ready to receive, and work, the gift of Grow Appalachia, in our little part of the Food Dessert. We have quite a few Heirloom Lovers, and kids to add great enthusiasm, to our collective works. Our first classes are scheduled, and it looks like Old Man Winter may finally be backing off, for one and all!

We will have one garden, by the Morgan County extension office, one garden affiliated with our incarcerated helpers….who have been working on this, the last few years, and some families who will garden at their homes. Seeing this great program unfold, and grow, for our communities, is THE best, because as many of us do know, NO ONE needs to go hungry, in this beautiful region, and Grow Appalachia is making this idea, come to more fruition. Blessings on all your garden paths, to our Grow Appalachia cohorts!