This is a fall picture. But the hoops still stand covering spinach and carrots that were planted in October.

This year we are getting a much better start at our program at the Appalachian South Folklife Center.
We named ourselves GASP (Grow Appalachia Sprouts at Pipestem) because “Grow Appalachia at the Appalachian South Folklife Center” was quite the mouthful. And we finally got a facebook presence. I think the branding and public face will help get the word out about workshops much better than last year and I’m excited about the prospects.
I have spent hours drooling over seeds and I wonder if anyone has a good idea on how I could be more decisive and spend less time reanalyzing what seeds I want?
We managed to overwinter spinach, carrots and kale, the lettuce just now finishing. I am so excited to start seeds and clean up greenhouses. We will have two greenhouses in different locations this year to start our sprouts.