This year’s garden was quite a success at the Appalachian ChalleNGe Academy. Cadets worked hard to add hoop enclosures to the raised bed gardens to extend the growing season and increase the harvest. Twenty-five cadets and six staff members regularly worked in the raised bed garden. The entire cadet population of 93 cadets were exposed to the garden as well the majority of the 50 member staff.

“I thought I knew a lot about gardening, but I have learned so much more through Grow Appalachia and being the garden manager here at the ChalleNGe Academy,” said Cadet Chance Paver.

The final tally for the harvest was as follows:
Potatoes- 50 lbs
Carrots- 28 lbs
Tomatoes- 4 bushels
Mustard Greens- 20 lbs
Bulls Eye Beets- 10 lbs
Regulard Beets- 12 lbs
Corn- 20 dozen ears
Beans- 1/2 bushel
Peppers- 60 lbs
Radishes- 28 lbs
Turnips- 15 lbs
Cabbage- 16 heads
Lettuce- 20 lbs

Cadets participated in the distribution of hte donated garden items to local programs. They took a great deal of pride in knowing that they were able to help others through their work in the garden.

We are looking forward to continuing the gardens with our next class which will begin on January 11, 2014. It is enjoyable to see which Cadet proves capable to be a great garden manager.

C6 Flyer