Through my work with Community Farm Alliance in Letcher County, I had the opportunity to testify before the Health and Welfare Committee in Frankfort last week.  If you are not familiar with Community Farm Alliance, learn more at and become a member.  I’m pictured above with Heather Hyden, former CFA Organizer and now active CFA member.   Heather testified about the connections between health, wealth and agriculture and the importance of the Kentucky Food Policy Network.   Michelle Johnson Howell, Marketing and Promotion at Local Food For Everyone, Vendor at Community Farmers Market Bowling Green and Farmer at Need More Acres CSA Farm shared her story of why local foods and access matter.   Michelle’s  lovely daughters had an education that day as well in seeing Government in action.   Honestly, I did as well.

These ladies did an amazing job!  I’m afraid I was overwhelmed and struggled greatly.  However, I’m willing to share my presentation if you would like to read.  I had issues  w/glasses and seeing the committee, so this is the scripted copy of my presentation, which was not exactly what I said, but it is what I meant.  It is lengthy as it is difficult for me to separate the issues in EKY, but I do believe food and nutrition are at the core of those issues.

Health and Welfare Testimony