With fall comes so many flavors it is hard to fit them all in. While most everyone acknowledges the culinary excitement that develops as the tomatoes turn red and the green beans ripen, I feel that the joys of fall often get overlooked by the passing of summer and thoughts of the winter return.

As I shopped at The Wild Ramp the other day, I found some deliciously fall items. There were plenty of Butternut squash, some late corn, and a few late season tomatoes. While I have plenty of tomatoes, my corn is long gone and the butternut squash was a failure this year in our garden.  So I snatched up a bag full of each and hurried home.

corn squash

I find that butternut squash is one of my new favorites and can be used not only like pumpkin is sweet dishes, but can be used in savory dishes as well. I particularly like butternut soup with a hint of cumin, turmeric, and cumin.Coupled with fresh, warm, crunchy bread and I am set!  soup

I must admit however, that with corn I often see it as a side vegetable or holiday casserole. I always forget that it can be used in  delicious soups, either as the main component or with other vegetables. I recently found a new recipe for Corn Soup in a great cookbook by Leanne Brown. I will be using the corn in that recipe and I can’t wait.


corn soup

Acorn squash is another delight! Roasted and sprinkled with brown sugar, this deliciousness warms the spirit on any cool fall day.  Apples are another wonderful fall treat that can be used in so many ways.  Kale and other greens grow well in the cooler temperatures ,and with season extension you can often harvest fresh greens through November and December, depending on your location.


While apples might be harder to do in a backyard garden, a small garden plot can provide plenty of fall favorites if the garden is well planned. Taking the time in the off-season to figure out the growing seasons (of which we are lucky enough to have three in the Huntington WV area) can pay off in a huge harvest and a full food cupboard or pantry.