Eliot here, setting out frost protection low cover hoops at the Appalachian South Folklife Center. On the Left are 3 test varieties of Spinach just sprouting and on the Right is a row of beets and a row of carrots. The hoops are made with the wire from election signs and the cloth is agribon. I’ve just got rocks holding the cloth down now. I plan to put the rocks in feed sacks to be easier to handle.


Also covering a row of lettuces and bokchoys.



These are the tail end of roma tomatoes. There are a few peppers in the middle row and some eggplants to the right. We will plant lettuces, spinach, bokchoy in here next.

My friend Wendy and her husband Steve have a farm called Oakwyn Farms 7 miles down the road from the Appalachian South Folklife Center. They grow vegetables and raise beef and lamb that they sell at a farmers market and from their house. This fall I have been working with them to can food and raise a fall and winter garden. Wendy has also let me sell some excess exotic vegetables from the folklife center at her farmers market table.


Some raised beds at Wendys. Up and coming greens on the Left. Up and coming carrots and beets in the middle. Big row of chard on the Right. All ready for hoops and covers.



Heres some produce I’ve been taking to the market to see if it sells. I had one customer know what a daikon radish was and two know what bokchoy was. All those people bought the vegetable that they were suprised to see. I think that is a good thing.



Peas, Mustard, Arugula

With only a month left at the farmers markets we have been thinking about how to still be able to sell and get produce out to people. We have a few ideas–Our best idea yet is to offer a Thanksgiving basket in the manner of a CSA– fresh greens, taters, squash, preserves, Oakwyn farms meat.