Hadn’t checked on the garden at the Appalachian South Folklife Center in over a week so a few of us headed over to harvest. We were so excited to see that the peas and carrots were coming in good and some of our experimental intercroppings were working so well.

It was so pretty we thought we’d share some pictures!


Peas and Carrots with Whoops!- some Weeds.


Zinnias and dill intercropped


Tomatoes with intercropped buckwheat. The tomatoes are winding down and the buckwheat is flowering.


two varieties bokchoy and some surprises in between in one of our recycled wood raised beds


Carrots and Daikons in a recycled wooden raised bed


Picking basil. In the front area here from the Left we’ve got a bed with Lettuce gone to seed and Okra going strong, a bed with basil and chard- both going strong, and a bed of bush green beans at their end. 


harvesting some beans and basil


More Harvest!