One of our volunteers at the Appalachian South Folklife Centers garden makes the best Pesto.

I have tried to make her pesto- but it is never as good but I am going to give yall her recipe – maybe you can do it.
8- ish cups of fresh basil
One head of garlic (we are using fresh right now!)
1/2 cup of Olive oil and more as needed 
salt and pepper as needed

Her pesto is so good even without the special additions of Parmesan cheese and pine nuts or any kind of nut (except peanuts- that sounds terrible).

Blend up garlic and olive oil til its ‘creamed’
Then add basil til its blended well. Add extra oil to get to the consistency you want. Add nuts and parmesan, salt and pepper last.

mmmm. so good.

We put some pesto in freezer bags and some in ice cube trays to be put in freezer bags for easy use this winter! It’s going to taste like summer!