What a season!  We have been so busy, not only wrapping up the summer bounty, but getting ready to put in fall gardens.  Not only have we helped with vegetable gardens this year, but a few of our gardeners chose to try some culinary herbs as well. It has been a wonderful year for herbs.  Weather was just right.


Herbs like chives, dill, parsley, basil and even some mint was tried by gardeners this year. One participant let me take some great pictures of what she is doing with her herbs this year.  She has a beautiful and abundant herb garden.


I followed along as she harvested chives, dill and parsley.


After harvesting and washing her herbs she hung them in bunches from a door way of her house.  She explained that after they are dry, she will remove the leaves from the stems and store them in a cool, dark place (closet).


She has an abundance of dried herbs ready for those wonderful dishes she will be preparing for her family. Gardens are not just for vegetables.  Herbs add a wonderful addition to your garden and your cooking.


Happy Gardening!

Waynette Harness