Eliot here from Appalachian South Folklife Center in Pipestem, WV.

I got some bad news about having to get rid of my goats and chickens last week. So this week, in an effort to make the most of it, we are re-purposing some of the wood from the goat fence for raised garden beds. We have made 6 so far and there is a lot of wood left!            DSCN1923

It is good place for them because the soil is not very good in this area of our garden, and the goat manure we had to find a home for was perfect for this as well! The wood is leftovers from a nearby sawmill- the outside edges of the logs. It gives the beds a nice rustic look. We put them in place by mostly two foot rebar, some nails when applicable and a few choice sticks.

We will be building more raised beds and a very nice and sturdy compost box but I am trying to think of other wood purposes in the garden for this large pile of good wood I have- Does any one have any ideas??

Some pictures from this weeks garden:


Our great volunteer Jocelyn inspecting the ripeness of our Watermelons at the Folklife Center!!!


This is our Hugelkultur bed 4 weeks later. The buckwheat seems to think it’s an all right place to grow!


One of our sites- The Princeton Community Green Space A lot of people and groups are putting a lot of effort in this and we are helping with seeds!


Oh! And I found my camera! Thank goodness because look one of my chickens hatched some baby chicks!!!

(Don’t worry I intend to keep these baby chicks and their mama)