Eliot here at the Appalachian South Folklife Center- I have been picking a lot of vegetables, and letting way too many weeds get ahead of me! It’s been feeling kind of like Fall here in Southern West Virginia- Wondering if our sweet potatoes are feeling it too?


Onions and Weeds

This week me and some of our on-site gardeners did some picking, some weeding- finally pulled our new little tiller out, and planted little cabbage plants. I’m hopeful for rain because I’m not sure either of us will make it out to water them in as much as they want. But we gave them some straw and a lot of care at first so there’s hoping!!


Caeli giving the cabbages some hay


Caeli and eliot working on the cabbage bed










We are working on our Fall Seed order now, excited to peruse through the strange radishes we could be growing and pumped to try my hand at fall peas for the first time.

I’d post more pictures but I can not find my camera!!!