Hello all!  Brittany here with Sustainable Pike County!  I know we are quite behind when it comes to blog posting (sorry!) as we just recently got all of our information straightened out, but we are incredibly excited to finally join the Grow Appalachia blogging community!

Introductions of sorts, yes?  Sustainable Pike County is centered in Pikeville, KY, though we extend throughout Pike County and are proud to have program participants involved from around the region.  I am certainly am of the mind, however, that we are but one piece of a much larger and greater whole!  ☺ We currently have 15 families involved in our grant program as well as a brand new Community Garden project.  As this is our first year swimming these waters, we are small, but we have big dreams and big plans!


I’m having a bit of trouble getting pictures up (my tablet doesn’t like to load pictures), but don’t worry, I’ll have some up soon as well as some stories/experiences shared by our participants so y’all can see what we’ve been up to!

Happy Growing!