With all the rain we’ve had in Wise County these last couple of weeks, irrigation feels like a non-issue to many.  However, last night we had a workshop on irrigating the garden, discussing the merits of drip irrigation, which has a 90% efficiency compared to overhead irrigation, with an efficiency closer to 75%.  Another big issue is the wet foliage that one gets with a sprinkler or water can.

As part of the presentation, the group watched this video from Utah State University on a DIY PVC drip irrigation system: http://youtu.be/NOpvLFwjS1g

This system is fantastic because it can be constructed easily from materials one can find in the local hardware store.  It’s flexible enough to be adapted to a range of growing patterns, from conventional rows to raised beds.  Another nice feature is that the pipes aren’t glued in, so switching from pipes drilled for tomatoes and squash to pipes drilled for beans and lettuce is conducive to rotation from one season to the next.