As I travel about the countryside  on these garden inspections, one of the things I enjoy the most are the wildflowers. I thought about adding wildflower photos but then I thought, ” That probably isn’t what people are interested in seeing in this program.” But do take time to enjoy the blooms. Spring officially begins for me when I see the trillium blooming and smell the honeysuckle.  Summer’s opening is heralded by King of the Mountain,  butterfly weed, trumpeter vine and daylilies. As we travel into midsummer those black eyed Susans burst into bloom alongside the stately sunflower, cornflower  and wild yarrow. I love the dandelions and the clover because I know the bees need them. (My son harvested 17 pints of honey this weekend and we were thrilled). As Fall arrives I will watch for Queen’s Anne Lace and Goldenrod. So as you admire the beans and the corn, giving thanks for a wonderful harvest this year, don’t forgot to give thanks for the wildflowers!