The garden at the Methodist Church in Morganfield is catching up to the Sturgis Presbyterian Church quickly! The onions and kale are about ready to be harvested the first time through, and the rest of the plants are flourishing! The volunteers are taking good care of this garden and making sure it stays weeded and watered! We owe the early success of this garden to those who care for it!

[Photo 9801.jpg of Methodist kale]

We recently put up a fence of hortonova fencing along the green beans, and the are loving it! Many of the green beans have stared making their way up the fence, which will make harvest season much easier on us! Controlled green beans are much easier on this old woman’s back than spending a few hours bent over searching for green beans that are trapped in vines of the same-color-green leaves! With how many pounds of green beans we were able to harvest last year, we are stoked to get to pickin’ green beans and multiplying our numbers! You live and ya learn, so im happy we have learned a better way to grow green beans!

[Photo 9879.jpg of Methodist garden]

Now, we wait!

See ya out there!