Wednesday, I attended a meeting between some community groups to work on a letter of interest for the Local Food, Local Places grant. We are off to good start on the letter. I plan on going to Whippoorwill for a long weekend of workshops and tours to see how people in the area are utilizing permaculture and sustainable living/growing methods. I actually don’t like camping at festivals because of the lack of sleep, so hopefully I make it the whole weekend.


Various School Garden Updates:

-Sweet potatoes and potatoes are doing well so far.

-Jicama is in the ground and looking okay, although something was browsing on one plant.

-Our white half runner beans are getting big!

-Mr. Stripey tomatoes are fruiting like crazy.

-We are getting poop! Camp Nathanael has graciously allowed us to go pick up some loads of horse manure next Friday!

-The tree trimming service says we are next in line for mulch as soon as they have some.