I’m so excited to harvest something that I planted this year. I started at ASPI at the beginning of June so not much of what I actually planted is ready to harvest. I’ve never even been a huge fan of radishes, but my favorite thing about them is that they mature quickly! And they’re also really colorful.

We also have a beautiful volunteer sunflower that recently bloomed in the community garden.


In addition, we have many volunteer dill plants throughout the garden. A few of the dill plants are so tall that they are up to my shoulders. Volunteer plants can be a wonderful surprise!

The community garden is coming along nicely. The participants are doing a wonderful job maintaining their plots and they should be harvesting some veggies soon! Our high school intern and I have also been working hard to maintain the garden. We are looking forward to the farmers market opening next week. The market is located right next to the community garden so we get to show off all of our hard work.