Lilly Church is a 72 years old, Grow Appalachia participant, who has worked in a garden since she was a little girl. Lilly’s parents grew gardens to feed their family and her chore was to help with the garden. Lilly passed down her knowledge of gardening to her children and they have been able to teach their own children. Now she has a great-granddaughter who they are teaching to grow a garden and she helps out all the time.


Lilly Church working in her garden.

Lilly Church working in her garden.

Lilly says the best part of growing her garden, is the food you are able to eat at the end of harvest season. She grows onions, squash, corn, green beans, pumpkins, carrots, and so much more. She has some BIG cabbages that are just breath taking. She says being able to get out and work in her garden, at her age, is relaxing. Lilly’s garden is very nice and big, but it is only because the hard work she has put into it.

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Lilly and her great-granddaughter

Lilly is very grateful she does not have to do it alone because  her great-granddaughter and her daughter usually always help her. Also, she is able to can after she harvest the garden, which provides more food security for her and her family.

Lilly and her family work hard to keep the garden going, not for them but for Lilly. She enjoys working in the garden, it is like escaping to a whole other place of tranquility. She loves being able to share her fresh healthy food with others as well. Lilly is proud of her garden that she has worked hard on, and it shows.