Everyone’s Garden seems to be doing well. I have a lot of blooms on cucumbers,squash, tomatoes, and zucchini. My beans are climbing the poles to the top, but where are my vegetables. I hope my garden is not all blooms this year.

I talked to Kelli yesterday as I visited with her about her garden. She has a beautiful garden and very large garden. She has sent me several pictures that I have attached to this blog.

Kelli and Daniel live on a mini-farm. They have chickens which are laying hens. She brought me two dozen of fresh eggs and of course I divided with my children. Kelli is a hard worker in her garden. She loves her garden and she definitely produces a lot of good vegetables. In between working in the garden she sits with an Elderly Lady two days per week or more.



Kelli’s and Daniel’s Garden

Kelli and Danny’s garden is 200 feet in length and every bit of space has something planted in it and it is also weed less. She planted some of every kind of seed or plant that I gave her. Danny is unemployed so they are thankful that Grow Appalachia was able to help them, and I am sure she will put all these good vegetables to use. They will be at the Canning Workshop on June 27th, at 3:00 to learn more about Canning. The Workshop will feature a guest speaker from the Extension Office in Logan, WV to show the process of making salsa, relish,pickling cucumbers, and answering any other questions anyone might have on canning.

6.25.14 2

Kelli’s and Daniel’s Garden.

Hopefully, we will have several people in attendance. Many of the gardeners and local members of the community have told me that they want to attend. We all know that growing your own vegetables is much healthier than buying from the Supermarket and I feel this is going to be a good year for growing.