judy's garden 1 Judy's gardenAs you can see, the gardens just keep getting prettier here in Lee County, Kentucky. This work of art belongs to Judy and David and the lettuce and onions they shared with me were delicious. Leeroy was just in and he has already canned 44 quarts of dill pickles. He also had a bumper crop of peas,of which he shared a mess with me. My gardeners have been very fortunate this year and don’t seem to be having too much trouble with  bugs. I have seen some potato  bugs but I had encouraged everyone growing potatoes to treat their ground before planting the potatoes. I think that may have helped some and then planting them early was the right thing to do. My gardeners are already harvesting potatoes for their tables. The biggest pest we have right now is crows and they are hard to control because they are smart and have sentinels posted to let their friends know when you are on your way. Crows are really  fascinating to watch. We have had some deer damage but if you don’t have dogs to keep them at bay, then you had better invest in some fencing.