Each summer ASPI offers a high school intern program to local high school students who work several days a week. At the end of the summer they receive a $500 scholarship. This year we have one high school intern, Noah, who started last week. He gets his own plot in the community garden which he plants and maintains. In addition, the intern will be helping out doing other jobs as needed in the garden. Last year was our first year with high school interns. Not only to do they learn a lot, but we also get some much needed help.

Noah is a sophomore and already has experience gardening. He is involved in ROTC and enjoys fishing, hunting, and gardening. His favorite part of gardening is the end product. He says “nothing beats a tomato sandwich.” Noah decided to participate in the intern program because he wanted to learn more about gardening. He has been gardening for several years with his mother. They grow a variety of vegetables and they also preserve some of what they grow; so Noah already knows about making pickles and jellies. Since he is so knowledgeable, I have a feeling that I will be learning from him too!

Noah works hard and has been a big help so far. We are both looking forward to when our plants start producing!