Just had a conversation with one of my gardeners and I am so impressed. All of her dent corn was eaten by crows but we have ordered more so she knows now that she will be have to be very crafty in order to outwit those crows. We talked about different methods of corn protection:scarecrows, aluminum pie pans, rubber snakes and video tape. I personally think the tape is best because it deters deer and crows. I have no doubt that Michelle will win the battle because she is a warrior. I am proud to say that she is selling at the Estill County Farmer’s Market and doing quite well. She is selling pumpkin bread, elderberry jelly, strawberry jam and peanut brittle right now and guess what? She grows all the main ingredients. I think gardeners are the best people to have in a  community  because they really care about so much more than just their gardens.