Lotts Creek is starting to experiment with vermiculture. We are currently working on a worm bin. I have been saving compostable materials in my fridge to feed our soon to be worms (or our compost pile depending on how long our worm bin takes). We have a very large box that will be separated into two sections for ease of harvesting compost. We will be using newspaper as the bedding and doing a combination of purchasing and collecting worms for the bin. Worm collection will be attempted by leaving a big sheet of wet cardboard out on the lawn, which will attract worms or so I’m told. Then we will catch them. It should be a fun experiment at least! Vermiculture will allow us to process smaller amounts of  food waste at a fast rate. We intend to use our worm box as  teaching tool for the community. We will also try our hands at traditional composting soon, using the some of the food waste from our school kitchen.