WV Veterans to Agriculture is so happy to have this chance to expand our ability to help Veterans in the Huntington, West Virginia area. We are a new program, having been created out of the 2014 WV Legislative session. Even so, we have many ideas to  improve Veteran’s access to food.  We also focus on giving Veterans a way to help overcome emotional and mental health issues that plague many of our Veterans. We focus on educating and mentoring Veterans (and those still serving in the Armed Forces) who have a desire to enter into agriculture as either a lifestyle or a profession. Backyard gardeners and full fledge farmers are greatly needed in West Virginia in order to help stabilize and secure the local food system. Research shows that Veterans possess a skill set that translates easily into farming and  the farming lifestyle. Since we are just beginning, we don’t really have much progress to post this week, but we have been getting ready to set up our project and get started. We have identified several Veteran families that are ready to start growing their own food, and we are eager to get started! The next week should prove to be busy!

WV Vets to Ag

WV Vets to Ag… Helping Veterans become Farmers.

Again, we are excited to be part of this community.  A BIG thank you to  Grow Appalachia for the opportunity to better serve our Veterans. If you know a Veteran who might be interested in farming in WV, please feel free to contact us. We truly would love to help them.