Hello everyone!

I am sorry for my small hiatus, but well… first I had a bad cause of bronchitis that I refused to go to the doctor for.  After the 4th sleepless night I finally relented however, and im finally feeling better from that.

But on my very first day of feeling somewhat better my computer crashed, and I lost my hard drive!!!! Luckily the repair place in town was able to salvage most of my important files but that also took a few days.

Luckily however, our VISTA arrived last Friday in the middle of all of this mishap! She rode a bus for 2 days and showed up in London early Saturday morning. After a weekend of showing Dorothy around, she had to fly to Atlanta Monday noon for her VISTA training. I went back and picked her up yesterday, and today we met with Chad Conway our extension person and I showed her around town some more.

So, looks like next week we will meet with the Hazard VISTAs and hit the ground running! I have talked before how the VISTA process has slowed us down in some ways, but Dorothy is so wonderful it was worth it. She has so many good ideas and fresh energy that she is bringing to the project I think things will really take off for us.

I am going to let her start doing some or maybe all of these blogs starting next week, so you will will begin to hear a new voice coming from Lotts Creek! I have some neat pictures to post soon of planting, and hopefully next month we will have our first pantry stories of sharing the produce from my garden!

But for now- I need rest… so so so so so bad!