One of my new gardeners, Tim Sias, has a wonderful garden this year. As we talked, he explained to me this is the most he has ever planted, thanks to Grow Appalachia.  His garden is filled with potatoes, peas, beans and a lot of other good yummy vegetables.

Growing up, Tim watched his father tend to their huge family garden and his mother canning and preserving the fruits of their labor. He has gained valuable information about gardening from his father, without even realizing it at the time. Unfortunately, Tim’s father is no longer living, so Tim has taken over and put to use the information he had gained throughout the years working beside his father. That information was a key factor in producing the beautiful garden he has today.

Tim's Garden is coming along nicely.

Tim’s Garden is coming along nicely.

In addition, Tim’s father-in-law also has a very large garden planted close to Tim’s house, which Tim helps tend. Tim lives on an acre of land and he and his father-in-law, along with Emma, his daughter, have created a mini-farm. They have 4 cows, 5 goats, 4 ponies, one just recently born, and 5 little chickens. With all three working on the farm, it should become very successful. Tim has high hope that his garden will be as successful as his father’s.