Today was an ASPI on the road day. We went to the Founders Day festival in Livingston, Ky. This is also where our nature center is located.

We had decided to go so that more people in our community would learn about us. We made added value thing like egg noodles, apple pies and cake, pumpkin pie and bread, and some other breads. I had worked for a few long days getting ready for this. Even made a late night cooking last night with the kids. We stayed up til around midnight just to be sure we had plenty.

We got there. Got the tent up. Who do we see? Pretty much no one. It was cloudy and still early. So we sit and waited. Before long people finally start coming out. Then so does the rain. It’s now pouring but we have a tent and everything is fine.

We wait to see what happens next and it starts to ease off and people start coming again. Yah! It’s now sunny and time for the parade so more and more people start to come in.

Not long after the parade we notice the dark clouds and start trying to pack up somethings in case it’s as bad as it looks. As we go to put the first of it in the truck it starts pouring and the wind is blowing. We decide to get it all and go home this time. But we are not quick enough. As we go to get the second load to carry the tent flips upside down and lands on top of my truck and hits my oldest daughter in the head.

Luckily the tent was tied to the back of the truck so it couldn’t blow away. It took three guys to get the tent back to the  ground the right way. Now the tent is broke and everything is soaked.

Everyone is okay and thanks to some nice men we got it all together and pack up. Then we get back home to learn my oldest also lost her glasses there.

It has been a crazy day and we barely sold anything but we did get to talk to some new people who are very interested in what we do and learning about the programs. It was awful but not a totally wasted day.