Bea Sias Logan County Grow Appalachia.

Bea Sias Logan County Grow Appalachia.

This weekend I finally started my own garden, I am so eager to see how it turns out this year. In my opinion, gardening is a soothing hobby to be involved with, to be connected with the earth. The excitement is growing with in me, to see the changes in my garden every day, either good or bad. I always pray and ask God to bless my garden each time I plant something. Also, I am looking forward to canning and preserving some of the fresh goods this year.

I often share my good vegetables with friends and family. Furthermore, I share with the elderly and sick who cannot afford to get out to plant themselves, so I try to give when I can and let others enjoy some of my hard work. On that note, I want to take just a minute to remind every one of how important your gardening will be this year. Please, think of everyone else that can benefit from your work, share and share alike.

Many of our gardeners are reporting that they have been hard at work themselves over the past few days, since we have had an abundance of warm weather and sun. The signs are showing that it is a good time for the next week or so to still plant. So get out there and finish up the work that needs to be done.


Bea Sias