It’s hard to believe that it’s already May! Seems like only yesterday that we were dreamily going through the seed catalogs and planning out how and where all the plants and seeds would go. Now the greenhouse is full of plants and there is still a lot of transplanting to be done.


Ready for transplanting.

The greenhouse renovation project already is having effects that reach farther than we imagined. We gave out cabbage and broccoli plants to guests at the community baby shower at the Head Start Center in Harts. The newly organized, Logan Grow Appalachia group, was able to get many of their plants from us at a savings to them. Now the Logan group is requesting 400-500 tomato plants and all the pepper plants we have, which is thrilling. Sharing like this with another group really makes our resources go farther. The great thing about sharing across the groups, is that it give us economies of scale that we could not otherwise have been able to receive. In fact, we also offered plants at the Friday night community auction at Big Ugly. This is a new marketing trial. If successful, we could recoup some of our budget for consumables.


Participants at Big Ugly-Workshop.

Each time our group gathers for a workshop and meeting, our participants leave with more plants. A lot of plants went home with folks today. A lot of additional plants need to be transplanted from the starter trays to six packs. Everyone has a lot to do in the next weeks. Guess that’s why we call this GROW Appalachia rather than stand around and look Appalachia. We are (becoming) our own solution.