As some of you know I am the new coordinator for ASPI this year. I am a little behind on post from have issues with getting on here. However I think I have a little different view of the program that I wanted to share.


I was a participant in Grow Appalachia for the first two years here. This is the start of the third year and I never thought I would be where I am now. I loved being in the program and it help me so much. It helps me to be more at their level to explain things and help them. In those two years I did see that most people wanted to get things but didn’t want to give in return. They didn’t even come to most of the classes. For the most part the classes are the same just different people participating  in the program and working with it.


I’m not a teacher and am not very good speaking to groups but I do love helping other if I can. Others in the past have known a lot more about gardening than I do. However with the help of Tisha I feel this year is going by far better than past years. Our people are so excited to work with us and learn. We have had a full house at every meeting so far. We also encourage them to bring children and bring our own to each one. This has worked great. We have about half as many children as adults each time. Maybe they didn’t come before because of children and feeling like they shouldn’t bring them to disrupt. If you come to a meeting you would see Tisha in front of the class teaching with her baby in hand. It may disrupt at times but they are apart of our lives and should be included. How can we teach our children to garden and pass everything down if we don’t involve them?


I have had a lot of great compliments on the program this year and a lot more people bringing others to join. This has encouraged me as I didn’t feel I could help them they way they need and didn’t feel I was organized at all. This programs success not possible without the participants help and working with you also. I have a great group and love very much working with each one of them.

I would like to ask you all for some input. If you can’t tell I can’t blog. I had never in my life done on til on here and I really don’t have a clue still. How do you think my blogs are? Suggestions and comments are appreciated.