On April 25th 2014, LEAD’s Grow Appalachia team held another workshop on Gardening Plans.  Several were in attendance; we were given valuable tips and experience to use, that will help get the gardens growing.  Mr. Oral Castle, who is over 80 years old, discussed his garden with us.  Mr. Castle led an extensive discussion on planting potatoes and how to receive the best harvest with the potato crops.  potatoe diagram

I discussed the signs of planting with the various members in the workshop. Mr. Castle did agree with me about the signs and he gave the new gardeners a lot of good pointers about how to set out plants. Mr. Castle even brought some of his own lettuce and onions from his garden to show what has already started to grow and shared with the group.  The excitement is growing in the group and they seemed to be eager to start planting. The workshop went really well and two new gardeners signed up just this week.  We are nearly at capacity for family gardens and looking forward to great harvests.

Logan 5.1.14 (3)At the end of the day, Mr. Castle told me he would have never talked in front of people, until he gave his life to the Lord. Before he left he asked me if he could sing me a song and I said, “Sure can!” So he reaches up to take his hat off and began singing a beautiful song that ended the workshop.   Our little group is slowly becoming a small family with stories to share.