Well we have some progress at last!

Me and Eddie were able to till the school garden, and with the help of my mother we also planted our beans and started putting up our trellis. We ended up have 6 rows of 30 feet, instead of 50 as I hoped for. I still think we are going top have a good crop! We are going to have our high school help this weekend to weed it again and maybe try to till up some more ground weather permitting.

We are also hoping for some nice weather next week to get to the handful of gardens that need help being tilled. That would have been a good job this week, but again the monsoon put us back!!!!

Good news at my house with everything but the lettuce being in the ground…. bad news is the baby goose the school children hatched and raised that I took him died this morning. The biggest male goose pecked him to death 🙁 I had them in separate pens but the storm last night broke down my barrier and it looks like “Uno” the one legged goose got him 🙁 So not the best way to start the day!


Our first garden meeting hosted by Chad Conway was this Monday. We had a big turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves! We also had several people take home heirloom seeds that I had bought and also raised and saved from last year. Right now we are sitting at 31 gardens, but where some people dropped out and some people are coming on board…. still dont have all my paperwork done. It is a never ending battle.

Tomorrow and Friday is the Berea College All Hands meeting, so Alice and myself with be gone. But when I get back Friday evening and Saturday morning it will be back to the gardens!