It seems like forever since I have blogged. I am thankful for Candace because she gets us back to blogging as soon as she can. My gardeners have worked hard to get all those plants, tubers and seeds in the ground that should have been planted in March. We had over a ton of seed potatoes donated so not only were my GROW participants blessed with 50 pound bags of seed potatoes but we were able to share with others in our community. Fertilizer has been distributed, new participants have their tools and Madeline is busy with her greenhouse. It is wonderful working with her; I give her a designated amount for the gardeners based on the size of their plot and she keeps a running tally and then I pay her at the end of the planting season. Four of our gardeners wanted chickens and that was fun for me and my grandson. I don’t think the post office was as happy dealing  with the peeping chicks but at least they didn’t arrive on Sunday this year. I made a buzzing trip to Frankfort on Saturday and picked up bees for some of our gardeners. I am overwhelmed at the amount of bees in that warehouse on delivery days and the distance that so many people come to get bees.

We had two wonderful workshops in April with quality presenters. Dr. Pescatore enlightened us on keeping chickens healthy and happy and then Randy Rosbrook presented an interesting program on bees; putting them in the hives, feeding them and stressing how important they are to the food chain. Again  Ted Johnson, our local extension agent, can’t do enough to help us. I really appreciate him and his staff.

Our next workshop is May 22nd and it will be on Food Preservation.