The last two nights were really good in the garden world! I was able to till up my garden and get the almost entire thing planted. I have my geese penned up between the bean rows, and the #1 thing on my to do list is to move them to a new area but I didnt get that finished. I did get everything but the geese pen tilled and planted except my lettuce.

The soil was really good this year, so so so loose. I have to say this was because of the clover we planted. The cover crops made tilling worlds different than it was last year. We experimented with several different types of cover crops and even mixtures, but I really liked the clover the best.  It seemed to last the longest, come back the best, and tilled under the easiest.

Today’s plan was to till the school garden and put up the  T posts and netting in preparation for planting beans, as well as starting to pick up some of the rocks in the new section I tilled last time.  But as I awoke this AM to a sound of thunder clapping- I knew my day was done.

So now, looking this this weekend may be the work on the school garden along with our teenager that has asked to be a part of the program this year. If not, the rain forecast for next week looks like things will be grim for doing any outside work.

Monday is our first garden meeting also, little late but better than never! We will be handing out our vouchers then for seeds from Childer’s in Hindman. I have already decided this was the best decision as people already began bringing me impossibly long wish lists, which last year would have had me scrambling for seeds and not getting anything else done.

The heirloom tomatoes I started are also coming up very nicely, but may not be ready to be given away Monday. They surely will be ready by the next meeting, however.

Honestly not a whole lot to update at the moment that is overwhelmingly exciting, but we are getting close to digging in and big things happening!