Well it seems all the VISTA hub bub has passed for now.  Now, until Dorothy arrives the rush of people wanting seeds and tillage begins!

Unfortunately we are behind- but that seems to be a constant in this work but we are plugging away getting all of the paperwork and soil samples in. Hopefully this week will finally get it all done.

Our first garden meeting is scheduled for April 28th, where we will hand out our seed vouchers and start to get to know all of the new people. We hated to wait so long to do the first meeting but we were really pushing to have the VISTA here for the first one- again to keep in mind for next year as it is something that doesn’t seem workable.  In fact she may miss 2 or 3 meetings before she can start. Not a huge issues, but again keep this in mind for all of you out there wanting to do the program next year.

My focus this Friday is going to be the school garden. Right now the groundhog radish we planted to help loosen up the soil came up very well! I am not sure if the cold snap we got last week killed any farther growth, but I am impressed with it. I will continue to use it every year to keep breaking up the old parking lot. I almost hate to till it under it has done so well, but its time to get the garden in order.

We are debating right now what will be the best way to grow the beans. We want to do 5 or 6 rows 50 feet long to grow our halfrunners. We are looking at trellises right now, but everyone is putting in their suggestions as well- so any advice is greatly appreciated.

Things are looking up- I just feel so overwhelmed, but again that is the norm. All will work out, we just have to get some seeds in the ground!