Tracy Nolan, Director of Community Outreach reporting from Red Bird Mission.  Our Grow Appalachia program has a life of its own, constant requests to/from growers, vendors, tillers, donations, sharing of time and resources, and appreciation from ALL!  WOW, the work to be done.

Since our last blog we received a large seed donation from the Mennonite Central Committee we had to pick up from  Whitesburg, KY.  We are also blessed by 2 long-term volunteers and several Work Campers assisting as we are in the midst of staffing changes.  Chad Brock has moved on and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.  We are currently advertising to fill this Grow Appalachia Coordinator position.  In the meantime our volunteers are out tilling, bagging seeds, distributing berries, organic fertilizer, building raised beds, giving presentations to youth in the classroom, and spreading God’s amazing love and bounty!  I have been consumed with paperwork, orders, requests, supervising, blogging, scheduling and setting up trainings. (Once I learn how to post pics I will post some terrific ones) It feels good to be this involved again, hearing and seeing the appreciation from the GA participants, and witnessing the need of not only healthy food options, but the opportunity to invest in themselves, their family and to teach their children the lost art of raising one’s own food, preserving it and sharing it.

The Central Presbyterian Church Community Garden got off to a great start yesterday, side by side with us tilling, and preparing the raised beds for their community and congregation.  The Grillo is still working well!

It is a privilege to be a part of the Grow Appalachia Program!