This past Tuesday Deonna and I went to the Cora Community Garden to take pictures and see the progress that the college students had worked so hard on over the past few weeks. Spring break is a great time for the kids to come in and help get the gardens started. The garden is make of raised beds and they have several vegetable and flowers planted.

I hope that LEAD will someday have an area of our own to plant like this community does. I hope to be able to start looking into this for the next growing season because it is so important to keep the kids and families in the community involved with gardening. I will continue to watch the progress of this garden as it is currently in it’s fourth year.IMG_3098

I have several people on my list of Gardeners who have started their gardens and are really excited about the summer planning sign. I hope that Ole Man Winter has moved on. Just an update that from April 10th to the 16th the signs are in the bowels and secrets, do not plant in those signs. Happy Planting.

by Bea Sias