Things are really beginning to green up here in the mountains of Pike County. The dogwoods are blooming and the Easter lilies are decorating the landscape with patches of yellow. Last week we began breaking ground and tilled our garden here at Ashcamp. We have a guy coming to plow our other garden at Lookout sometime this week hopefully, so we can begin to get things in motion up there. On Thursday morning we made the trip to Earth Tools in Owenton, Ky and picked up the grillo!  The people there were very nice and Gabe give us a detailed demonstration on how to operate our new Grillo tractor.  Saturday morning we attended the Seed Swap at the Pike County Extension Office, where local farmers and gardeners from the Appalachia region were selling and trading heirloom seeds.  All of our broccoli, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts are coming up good and were transplanted earlier this week.  This morning we planted 60 trays of tomatoes in the greenhouse , along with several different varieties of peppers. Hopefully the temperature and weather works to our favor in the coming week and we can start getting some of them in the ground soongro appalachia 004 gro appalachia 011 (2)