Here at ASPI we have been busy this week. We had our Rockcastle County Farmer’s Market meeting, got stuff to start our soil test and many other thing.

We are so glad it has finally been warmer this week. The tulips, daffodils, and crocus have started to blooom.



We have many thing growing in the greenhouse such as collard, chard, and broccoli that are ready to plant along with some volunteer tomotoes. Also getting the seeds started for tomatoes and peppers.Hoping this coming week will be pretty enough to get the plants that are ready in the ground.


This year we are trying something new. We stared working with a local hud housing apartment complex. They are so will and open with learning to garden together there. We are putting in three gardens on that property and taking the classes to them. With having classes at both places it gives the participants two chances to get in on every class we have. Along with the garden classes we are teaching them thing to help with a budget once a month. This classes range from making your own soaps to make fun summer activities for the children. This apartment complex houses 70 families. They are all either elder, handicap and low income. There is a total of about 60 children ages birth up to 18.

Mrs. Tisha teaching at apts with her baby.

Mrs. Tisha teaching at apts with her baby.


We are so excited that we are getting to work with so many new people this year. There will be a lot of different things to do to help at each place but we are ready to go. This is going to be such a great year and lots of growing in this small county.