Bea Sias the outreach coordinator for Grow Appalachia Logan sponsored by LEAD and Step by Step:

I can remember as a young girl my father always planted a large garden. Before he would plow or use the tiller he would always check the Farmer’s Almanac for the current signs. He always said if the signs are in the upper torso of your body it was a good time to plow and set out plants for what you wanted to grow. He would say that if you plant in the right signs your garden will produce a good crop.

Man of signs

Most people planting by the signs know that if the signs were in the head, heart, or upper body then it was okay to plant. He never planted if the signs were in the lower body or the privates. This also stands for canning and pickling. I have pickled beans, corn, and chow-chow during the wrong signs and lost everything.

A full moon is also a bad time to plant or pickle. Some will even refer to the signs when having medical procedures like dental work. They would say that if you had a tooth pulled during the wrong sign you would end up with a dry socket which could hurt much worse than the average tooth ache.

According to my father and the signs, we are in a good time (April 4-8) to plant snap peas, onion sets, and plenty of potatoes.