This week’s blog is being posted by Grow Appalachia Volunteer Don Meyer-

Yesterday, I made a pick up of bags of potting soil, top soil and compost in Manchester about 45 minutes from Red Bird Mission.  We were preparing for raised bed projects.  After the Pine View Farm folks loaded the trailer, I left in a Red Bird Mission Jeep with a pull behind trailer.

Shortly after cresting a hill, I noticed the trailer curb side tire appeared to be low. I pulled off and inspected the trailer and Yes it was low. I tried to re-arrange the load to put more of the weight on the tongue and the drivers side of the trailer. However, there was not very much space between the fender well and the rear tires on the Jeep.

I called the office for help…..Shortly after talking with Tracy, Director of Community Outreach along came Red Bird Mission Transportation Director Michael! An Angel in a pick up. I didn’t know that he had not been called. The office was arranging for a staff person to travel the 45 minutes to help me, but this Director was in the right place at the right time, God’s time and place.  It was a God thing I’m sure but I do want to thank Michael for Jumping in to off load bags from the trailer to his pick up & then balance the load on the trailer. He then hauled them back to Red Bird Mission. THANK YOU MICHAEL !!

Grace, Peace & Mercy to all.  Don Meyer