Donations are a little hard to get at this point in the program but I wanted to let you know my experience.

In September I started with donation request. I wrote up a letter telling about the program, what all we did and how many we helped from our location. I looked up companies online that sold seeds and trees and sent them all the letter. In all I have received around $20,000 worth of seeds at this point with more coming. I received all different types of flowers and veggies.

With these letters I am suppose to be getting mushroom spores and fruit trees donated soon too. So excited!

I heard from many seed companies that the earlier you ask the more likely you are to receive this donations. So September works really well to start sending them out. You never know what you might get and it is so exciting to receive big boxes and get to set and look at all the seeds during the winter and start planning for the spring to be here.

We also had our second meeting this week. Thanks to Mark Walden for coming out and teaching everyone about soil amendments. Everyone said they really thought he done a great job so that they understood. The best part is that no one has had questions after for me.

We are glad it is finally warming up so that we can really get busy getting our gardens prepared and growing some great food for us to start eating.