Spring is here!  So says the wild flowers, the sun, the worms, and the rabbits who are welcoming their spring litters, but the temperatures are very confused.  Last week spring fever hit a lot of us here, this week, temperatures took a dive.  We know it is around the corner and so we begin our preparations.

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The greenhouse is warm on the inside and growth has begun!  Starts for lettuce, onions, and tomatoes have sprouted.  The warmth and attention have allowed the seeds to germinate and begin their growth into adult thriving plants.  A mound of potting mix is waiting to transplant these fragile starts.  Tomorrow, will be the first exposure our teens will get in growing their own food, and what better place to start them than in a nice warm greenhouse.  (But, of course, tomorrow we will be up around 65 so it will probably be very warm.  But today it makes a good hide out from the cold office!)

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They will be introduced to how a greenhouse works, greenhouse effect, photosynthesis, heating, cooling, watering, etc.  But, don’t worry, they will get their hands dirty.  Remember the mound of potting mix…they will begin transplanting the onions tomorrow and potentially the tomatoes.  What better hands on experience than a greenhouse for the first seasons planting!  Later this month, we will also have to begin harvesting our worm bins.

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The worms have been busy this summer composting our waste, and have left us some rich black gold behind.  We will be using this rich nutrient for our starts and in our garden throughout the summer.  The teens will learn how to apply this rich nutrient and also how to make a worm-casting tea that can help give their garden plants a boost of much-needed energy during stressful times and as a general fertilizer.  We look so forward to beginning our work with these at-risk teens and getting them on a road of being able to grow their own food for them and their families.  The plans and ideas we have for the season should entice them to want more!

So we are ready for spring here!