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I was finally able to begin tilling at the school garden after we had a string of dry days. I was lucky to get finished- the next day we had a monsoon, and then the day after 17 degrees and snow!!!!

To beat it all I had to till during a baseball game, which got me a lot of strange looks! But several kids came over and helped me remove rocks and asked a lot of great questions about what I was doing and why.

My goal at the school garden is to slowly, year by year, reclaim a little more of the field that used to be a parking lot for baseball. This last go round I went about 2 more feet over towards the fences. I am also going to sew ground hog raddish here, to help break up the soil. We are also going to use students and baseball players to help getting all the gravel and rock out little by little, and maybe use them to fill in some mud holes there at the field.

I also planted some more rows of peas at home before the snow blast. Now I am just waiting again for things to dry up so I can be a productive citizen again and work on other gardens.

In the school we are going to use the after school students to start our heirloom tomatoes this year. I bought all of the materials yesterday and we will get them started when I get back from the group gathering in Berea next week.

We are also doing something very exciting with the special education students. My female goose popped out 14 eggs- with 13 being suitable for hatching. With the county extension office helping we now have the eggs in an incubator in the special ed room in the grade school wing.

Every day they turn the eggs and add water if needed. Everyone is super excited, and we all are anxious to see how many hatch!